Don't Forget to Breathe

by Jake Lauer

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A catchy blend of acoustic and electric, upbeat and mellow, rock and folk, with thought-provoking lyrics (and a hidden track!).


released May 3, 2010

Jake Lauer, Julian Lemke



all rights reserved


Jake Lauer Moscow, Idaho

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Track Name: I've Been
Mary, you're fine
But I would feel empty all the time
And the valley is great,
But I know better than to feel afraid

Cuz I've been close to fallin' in again

Meadows are wide
But they aren't swaying all the time
And I'm out to see the sky
But it's a dark and cloudy night

And I've been better than I am

Let it go to waste, while I survived, I didn't save
I let it go on by, and I found out, why I've been

Tell her I'm done
Cuz I feel like the only one
I promise that I tried
But I'm afraid to go outside

Cuz I've been fooled too many times
Track Name: Memento
Bright glow,
through a window of a restaurant I know,
see a couple deep in conversation

She sees,
He is clearly not the gentleman that he
is trying to appear to be

That light,
Revealing now that it is still a sin to lie,
casts a shadow of a wave goodbye

Arms weak,
He snuffs the flame like it's the candle's fault that he
couldn't act the man he wished to be

Cuz I pretend to get it,
but it don't feel real to me now
Oh no, I begin to let it,
and they'll say that was how
he became a memento

Birds fly,
Don't need the wind to roam the endless, cloudy sky
While a kite sits on the ground nearby

I'll go,
I know my camera will not show the world around me brightly,
Can I remember it alright?
Track Name: Why, Oh Why
Hey, when did it get so late?
I think my watch stopped, around 7 or 8 or
9 years ago, I guess I'll set it again

How many ghost sandcastles did my mind make
before the rising tide washed them all away?
Now I've got sandy feet, and an air of defeat,
But it's time for the socks to go on.

Goodbye, I'd take an empty mind some nights.
Why, oh why'd I turn a blind eye on keeping time?

Later on if it's okay,
Let's pull the slides out, and watch sunny days
of summers that I'd forgotten long ago

How many broken records did my mind play,
before we broke down, and let 'em keep us awake?
It's the right time, don't need no 45s;
It's the future anyway.


I am gonna let go x8

Sand and the sea, gonna be a day that I can let slip away
Don't look back now, wind rushin' on, it's lifting me, liftin me
It takes away the day dream where my dreams are in play and we
lose hope quickly, yeah we lose hope quickly

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Calexico
It’s a cover, gone
Back window, gone
The tone of a ride

It’s way too far,
A ways on, now
Let it go

Print checks to go out on a high note,
Paper scraps for the drive
If your mother’s worried anyway,
It’s just another sigh

Calexico, Calexico
End and beginning
Don’t know where to go from here
I’m just standing on the edge of a paper thin fence
And I’m never coming down again

Pack away all my
Memories of any days
I am gonna fall sometime
I only don’t know which way
Track Name: There's No Sound
Find my way home, with an arrow and a stone
We are not animals, we do not die alone, no we find our way home

It is winter now for what seems like a year, I think I'm gonna take a walk far away from here
Don't go looking for me, I'll be a while, I'm gonna find- my- fears, and make 'em wait for me

Well, the moon is to the south this time of year. It's not colder, but snowy stars are clear
It's my curse to be alone when I would see- you- here-, but that's a dream that I forgot when I woke up.

I whisper a vow
Never again will I walk this gravel road
On bended knee, I'm muddy and I'm beaten down
And there's no sound (around)

I don't think I can take that shadow that's drawing near, I don't know if that's a darkness light can pierce.
It's a weight on me, but I know that if I just got out of here with you, I'd wake up from this nightmare for good

I whisper a vow
Never again will I walk this gravel road
On bended knee, I'm muddy and I'm beaten down
And there's no sound (around)

I whisper it now
Never again will I walk this gravel road
On bended knee, I'm muddy and I'm beaten down
And there's a sound... there's a sound...
Track Name: Plan For Next Time
I thought I'd write
With news of all
I have thought about
and all I've done

Places I have gone and oh,
Seattle was all I hoped.
If I am mundain, I am sorry,
It's been so long since I talked

this book has been my heart and mind
a broken pen has worn the spine
a place for all these thoughts of mine
and yet I still don't write
but that's my plan for next time

I want to go
and see it all
I have planned it out
and hope for sun

Plane to the Bride of the Sea,
and oh, I want to see the Great Wall
But this life can be heavy,
should I choose to lift it up or just leave it behind?

this book has been my heart and mind
a broken pen has worn the spine
a place for all these thoughts of mine
and yet I still don't write
but that's my plan for next time
Track Name: Disarray
All wrapped in smiles,
They seem so unhappy,
But it's hard to tell

And without warning
They tore the city down
In the early morning
They were gone without a sound

Standing on the balcony
I see nothing I recognize
And I don't know what to think...

...when I see that look in her eyes
I have to look away
An hour of friendly conversation
Left the world in disarray

All these lies, they're not mine, I'll be fine x8

If I refuse to believe what I've heard,
Everything will be just like it was before
When I pretend

Close your eyes and the world keeps changing
Til nothing's familiar anymore
Black eyes in the past will still haunt you
But you'll be better for the bruises when they're gone
Everyone needs a bad example
his is mine, lesson learned, move on
Track Name: Today Is Mine
There is no visit too often
But when we visited it was not long
And maybe boat rides were enough to make it last
And roads were rollercoasters, give me butterflies
We’d go into town
Just walk around for a while

Roll down two lanes in the grass
Many rows of cattails tow us on
And the home so far from home appears ahead
A hundred years, my father played on this very ground
Those days were theirs
This day today is mine

Somehow this place does not change with the seasons
Cuz you can breathe the same air, feel the same breeze
You feel like you never left a place you’ve never been

Maybe one day, I’ll go
And see myself again, but younger
He’ll be running around, frog in hand that he found
And there’ll be nothing in this world that matters more than right here
And he’ll remember
Track Name: Sunrise
Sunrise, over the red house
Oh, the fall days have come at last
The fog in the window... won't pass
And the trees stand tall, over
My country home

10 miles, of forest and plains
And the sky, just don't forget to breathe
And the Autumn air, is cold and bright
I could never forget it
My country home